Outdoor gym in the Belloluogo Park

The  WORKOUT STATION  inside the Belloluogo park is a real outdoor gym, because it is immersed in the tranquility and pure air of the Belloluogo Park, where you can train and strengthen your muscles after the warm-up run, which many sports and fitness enthusiasts already perform daily in the facility. A real novelty, therefore, with which to continue your training and feel fit, without having to pay anything and without time limits.

The outdoor gym is located in an area of ​​about 36 square meters, completely dedicated to the care of the body and mind. Inside, there are  5 key areas for training :

Area 1 Pectorals / Triceps;

Area 2 Back / Biceps;

Area 3 Triceps / Pectorals;

Area 4 Abdominals;

Area 5 Exercises on the ground

Each equipment is equipped with a special plate indicating the part of the body to train. All the  equipment  is in  colored stainless steel and wood impregnated in an autoclave : the treatment in an autoclave with chromium-free salts makes the wood resistant to the action of atmospheric agents and is not afraid of sun, rain and even less the passage of time.

In addition, the  flooring  is made of rubbery, hypoallergenic and  anti- trauma material .


Luigi Montefusco sports field (the Coni)

For those who love to experience the parks by doing outdoor sports, the Coni, as the Luigi Montefusco sports field in Santa Rosa is commonly called, is a real point of reference, in which to do physical activity, or simply seek a little relaxation while walking.

It is the green area where many professional sportsmen and true cross-country running fanatics train. The park has an athletics track with terraces and changing rooms, toilets, a volleyball and basketball court.

The green part of the park is large and alternates tree-lined areas with groups of Aleppo pines and eucalyptus, with groups of shrubs typical of the Mediterranean scrub and clearings covered with lawns. For those who love walking or simply relaxing and sunbathing on spring days, this is definitely the right place.

The Coni will very soon become even bigger thanks to an agreement to annex the green area of ​​the adjacent Cavalry School reaching the considerable surface of about 11 hectares.


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