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Two Parks In Lecce For Outdoor Sports

Outdoor gym in the Belloluogo Park The  WORKOUT STATION  inside the Belloluogo park is a real outdoor gym, because it is immersed in the tranquility and pure air of the Belloluogo Park, where you can train and strengthen your muscles after the warm-up run, which many sports and fitness enthusiasts already perform daily in the facility. A real… continue reading

Consistency At The Table: Twelve Rules For Nutrition

Constance. It is the watchword for eating in a more balanced way and moving more. Dr.  Elisabetta Macorsini , nutritionist at  Humanitas Mater Domini , is convinced of this and has created a list of twelve mistakes that we make for our diet at the table and that we can easily correct. Juices . The first warning concerns fruit juices  , a drink to watch… continue reading

Avocado: Nutritional Properties And False Myths

What is avocado? Avocado is the common name used to indicate a   tropical fruit   and the Central American plant that produces it (P. americana, of the Lauraceae botanical family). Despite belonging to the category of fleshy fruits, avocado does not have the chemical characteristics of the products we are most used to consuming in Italy…. continue reading